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The key objectives of Aquaculture Insights are ambitious, challenging and will seek to bring cutting-edge technology closer to the market/fish farmers.

We will encourage technology transfers in data collection, analytics solutions and services, turning the large volumes of aquaculture data into data assets and knowledge so that it will promote best practices for aquaculture production management.

Our Open Data Platform will enable companies to access data seamlessly and innovate within the aquaculture sector, while also providing new opportunities for data-driven decision making.

Our news feed below will be providing updates on how we are tackling the problems of:

  • Estimating the fish population (understanding that there is a deviation between the calculated fish number/average weight and the actual values).

  • Understanding how the underwater lighting system and sensors will optimise fish farming practices, to better predict growth and give farmers tools to plan their production more efficiently.

  • Optimising feeding and growth models which will have a great impact on feeding efficiency, cost and environmental impact.

  • Adjusting feeding, based on the real fish population and the behaviour of the fish.

  • Identifying warning signs that may indicate problems like disease in the population.

  • Improving production efficiency by understanding the relationships between the parameters, different data sources and their effect on the production result.

Recent News