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About Aquaculture Insights

This project was developed in an effort to build an Open Data Platform that is integrated with an end-to-end, sensor-to-cloud IoT solution for the aquaculture sector. Our unique solutions will facilitate visualisation and transfer of critical measurement parameter data from connected devices and systems to digitise the global aquaculture industry, enabling farms to be more productive and sustainable.

Facilitate Visualisation

Various project partners have come together to create a unique solution for the aquaculture industry to help visualise the sector’s needs.


Our Open Data Platform will help to transfer critical measurement parameter data from connected devices and systems.

Digital Transformation

The project’s goal is to help digitise the global aquaculture industry, enabling farms to be more productive and sustainable. 

Meet The Consortium
Uhuru United Logo

Uhuru United will manage the overall project and develop the core platform that integrates various components and functionality of salmon farm hardware and software. With expertise in IoT consulting, engineering, data analytics and IP management, our platform will be brought to market with the support of our customer and technology partners.

SBTelecom Europe logo

Establishment of business model and go-to-market strategy will be orchestrated by SoftBank Corp.’s European subsidiary, whose main role will be the planning and execution of our marketing strategy and go-to-market plans. It will also assist the business champion after the commercialisation stage to bring the platform to wider application and deployment utilising the SoftBank group network.

Signify Logo

The world’s leading LED lighting supplier to the aquaculture industry will lead the integration of underwater LED lighting solutions and sensors. Since data from these will be connected to the platform optimising the aquatic lighting environment, they will also be a customer/user of the data platform. Signify will also assist in reaching potential customers utilising their industry network.

Optoscale logo

As a market leader in salmon biomass sensor development, Optoscale will be vital in understanding data and insight from AI cameras. With sensors already deployed to a number of sites internationally, access to a selection of Optoscale’s existing data streams and the ability to test and integrate with their proprietary hardware will be vital for the successful launch of the solution.

SAIC-strapline - Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre

SAIC will sit as an advisor and consultant to provide aquaculture industry knowledge and technological expertise. As the data and local knowledge partner, they will work with their comprehensive network of Scottish salmon farms to connect the development team with potential customers at the appropriate level, negotiate access, and translate technical requirements.

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